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General Dentistry in Halifax

Purdy’s Wharf Dental Group provides general dentistry services in Halifax. Our knowledgeable team will offer a range of dental treatments to meet the needs of our patients, including oral hygiene, fillings, crowns, and more. For patient-focused dental care in Downtown Halifax, contact us today to book an appointment.

Preventive Care

The cleanliness of your mouth is important to ensure the longevity, beauty, and comfort of your smile, as well as to protect your general health. If there is disease and many germs (bacteria) in your mouth it’s not healthy for the rest of your body. We explain the reasons for and importance of establishing and maintaining good oral hygiene. We educate our patients so they can effectively practice this hygiene care at home. We understand that exceptional care of your mouth is paramount to achieving both comfort and confidence in your smile.


Fillings are used to replace areas of teeth that have a cavity. The material used is a composite resin and is very similar to the colour of your teeth. A patient needs a filling when there is a cavity within the tooth, if an old filling has begun to break down or if there is damage to the tooth.

Comprehensive Exams and Screenings

During your check-ups, Dr. Thistle and Dr. Ryan thoroughly assess everything from the neck up. This includes an oral cancer screening confirming that all of your tissues, glands, bones, and muscles look and/or feel normal. Although teeth are very important to us, we know that there are many other important structures in and around your mouth.

Root Canals

Root canals are needed when the nerve inside a tooth becomes irreversibly damaged causing inflammation and/or infection and/or pain. Dr. Thistle and Dr. Ryan can treat almost any tooth needing a root canal and only refer to specialists (endodontists) in very complicated situations. Root canals can save your tooth instead of having an extraction.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Thistle offer different types of oral surgeries depending on your needs, ranging from extraction and biopsies to wisdom tooth and bone surgeries.

Jaw Pain & Headaches

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders involve the jaw joints but are often associated with pain in many areas of the head and neck, and even the shoulders and beyond. While TMDs can involve a combination of factors, clenching and grinding (Bruxism) is a common contributor. Successful use of occlusal splints (Bite Plates), which are usually worn at night, means less discomfort from your condition and a better night’s sleep!


Crowns are usually used to improve the strength, appearance and longevity of a tooth. They are recommended when the tooth structure is severely compromised by a large cavity, fractured from old fillings, cracks in the tooth, and/or when a tooth has had root canal treatment. A crown fits like a helmet over your tooth and prevents your tooth from fracturing. Crowns are made most often from a strong ceramic material that will look like your tooth.


Bridges involve fusing an artificial ceramic tooth between two crowns that are placed over the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space. Bridges are designed to be a long-term, fixated replacement for missing teeth.


Complete dentures can be made if you are missing all of your teeth, while partial dentures can be made if you are missing just some of your teeth. There are many different types of complete and partial dentures that can be made to suit your needs. Generally, though, complete dentures are held in place by the gums, suction from the roof of the mouth, and sometimes dental implants, while partial dentures use the remaining teeth to help keep them stable.

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We pride ourselves in providing quality dental services for optimal oral health.


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